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LAW 5847: Gender and Law Seminar - 2214

Gender and Law Seminar
Class Term:
Spring Term 2020-2021
Catalog Number:



3 (2 Contact, 0 Field)
Graduation Requirements:
Upper-Level Writing
"W" Writing
Seminar - 3rd Year Priority
Full Year Course:
Standard Courses

Additional Information

There will be a class website for this course on TWEN.

Grading Details

Grading will be based on class participation (1/3) and a research paper (2/3) which may satisfy the upper level writing requirement.


This course will examine how gender influences legal doctrine and how legal doctrine in a number of specific areas of law affects women and shapes societal understandings of gender. The objectives of the course are twofold: (1) to explore how an understanding of gender and feminist legal theory can enrich the study of law; and (2) to learn specific areas of legal doctrine that are particularly relevant to women and societal understandings of gender. The course will cover a number of areas related to issues of gender equality, such as employment, education, family and domestic responsibilities, sexual harassment, and domestic violence. Various feminist legal theories will provide a framework for studying these areas of law.

Gender and Law Seminar