LAW 5585: Education Justice & Civil Rights Seminar - 2214

Education Justice & Civil Rights Seminar
Class Term:
Spring Term 2020-2021
Catalog Number:
3 (2 Contact, 0 Field)
Graduation Requirements:
"W" Writing
Seminar - 3rd Year Priority
Full Year Course:
Standard Courses

Additional Information

This course will not satisfy the Upper level Writing (ULW) graduation requirement.

Grading Details

This course consists of lectures, multi-media prompts, and interactive exercises that challenge students’ critical thinking skills. Grades will be based on the submission of an education law and civil rights policy paper and classroom participation. The topic of the paper must be chosen in consultation with Professor Robinson Mock. The total grade will be determined as follows: Policy paper 70%, Class Participation 30%.


  This course will introduce students to education and civil rights law and policy that are the foundation for civil rights protections in K-12 public education. Students will explore key education and civil rights issues in the following topic areas: school segregation (past and present), the criminalization of students of color, school privatization, and social movements for education justice. Students will emerge from this class with an understanding of historical and current flashpoints in education and civil rights in the United States and the role of lawyers and the law. In addition to analyzing key cases, articles, and social science research, students will explore how law students and lawyers can play a meaningful role through policy, litigation, and advocacy for social change.

Education Justice & Civil Rights Seminar