LAW 5645: International Bankruptcy - 2214

International Bankruptcy
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Spring Term 2020-2021
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2 (2 Contact, 0 Field)
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International / Comparative
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This is an excellent course for J.D. students with an interest in bankruptcy law, as more and more bankruptcy cases have cross-border issues. The course has also proved to be of value to LLM students and to students pursuing MBA degrees with an interest in international finance.

While some background in United States bankruptcy law is helpful, the course is designed so that students who have not taken a prior bankruptcy course can participate. Those students who have not taken bankruptcy will be required to view a series of video lectures covering the fundamentals of U.S. bankruptcy law prepared by Prof. G. Ray Warner of St. John’s University. In addition, the first hour of the first session is structured as an overview of aspects of U.S. bankruptcy law that are relevant to the cross-border issues covered in the remainder of the sessions.


Grading Details

The final grade will be based principally on the final exam, with some recognition for class participation.

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Each spring semester the American College of Bankruptcy offers a live internet-based course in international insolvency law. This innovative course is shared by law schools across the United States and in foreign countries through live interactive video over the internet. Experts from around the globe are brought in by the College as guest lecturers for each class session. Robert Lapowsky, a College Fellow and the course professor at Penn, serves as Course Leader in charge of scheduling the speakers and coordinating the lectures. In addition, Prof. Schaffer will be present to amplify and explain points made by the lecturers and to cover additional materials as necessary.

International Bankruptcy