LAW 5203: Study Abroad at Home - 2214

Study Abroad at Home
Class Term:
Spring Term 2020-2021
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1 (1 Contact, 0 Field)
Graduation Requirements:
International / Comparative
General Enrollment Course
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Standard Courses

Additional Information

The course will begin the first week of March, in order to match schedules at the two principal schools: the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Belgrade. There will be seven class sessions, consisting of one 2-hour session per week over seven weeks. Each class will begin with 40 minutes of lecture/presentation by a key faculty member from Pittsburgh or Belgrade; then move to 40 minutes of commentary from professors from around the world who are Pitt Law graduates; and conclude with 40 minutes of Q&A with students.  Session topics and professors will be (subject to change):

  • International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution, Professor Milena Djordjevic, Belgrade
  • Using Private International Law Rules in Transaction Planning, Professor Ronald Brand, Pittsburgh
  • International Human Rights Law, Professor Ivana Krstic, Belgrade
  • Foreign Law in US Courts, Professor Vivian Curran, Pittsburgh
  • International Bankruptcy and related Corporate Issues, Professor Vuk Radovic, Belgrade
  • Islamic Law in the International Legal Order, Professor Haider Hamoudi, Pittsburgh
  • To Be Determined


Grading Details

The course is graded S/U only. 

Readings will be posted prior to each class session. Each student will submit one page of thoughts on each class, due 5:00 p.m. on the day before the next class; and a paper of at least 15 pages on a topic related to the course, due on the last day before final exams.



  This course offers an opportunity to “study abroad” while “at home,” for students from Pitt Law as well as from the University of Belgrade, Serbia, and other law schools.  

Study Abroad at Home