Law Intersession: Academic Scholarship Workshop - 2224

Law Intersession: Academic Scholarship Workshop
Class Term:
Spring Term 2021-2022
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1 (1 Contact, 0 Field)
Graduation Requirements:
"W" Writing
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Additional Information

his course is part of the Law School’s pilot “intersession”, which runs from Wednesday, January 5 to Tuesday, January 11. To receive credit for this short, intensive, one credit course, students must attend class every day for approximately 2.5 hours and should expect to spend roughly twice that amount of time outside of class working on class related activities.


This workshop provides students the opportunity to prepare a paper for publication by teaching the mechanics of structuring an academic paper and the basics of how to submit for publication. The instructor will review how to structure an academic legal argument, framing the topic, source citation, and the basics of article submission. In addition, the class will utilize peer editing to help students improve their writing through the process of giving and receiving feedback based on the topics covered by the instructor. The objective of the workshop is to prepare a paper for publication either as a student note or a post-graduation article. As such, students are required to have a solid draft paper prior to enrollment. It can be a seminar paper or a draft student note.  

Law Intersession: Academic Scholarship Workshop