Law Intersession: Racial Equity Consciousness - 2224

Law Intersession: Racial Equity Consciousness
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Spring Term 2021-2022
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The final grade will be based on a 6-8 page reflection paper that demonstrates the student’s ability to identify the mental, emotional, and physical impacts of racism; embrace critical self-analysis, environmental assessment, and coalition building as drivers of racial equity consciousness development, and articulate strategies for fostering racial equity.



Given the leadership role that lawyers play in our society, the cultivation of racial equity consciousness is a crucial professional development competency. This course presents the core curriculum of the University of Pittsburgh’s Racial Equity Consciousness Institute, with particular attention to the role that lawyers play as policy makers, counselors, and advocates. Facilitated through a series of immersive, learner-oriented review and dialogue modules, this course takes a multifaceted approach to contemplating race and racism, with a particular focus on anti-Blackness. Participants will explore and engage six bilateral spheres of racial equity consciousness development in order to expand their capacity to seek, consider, and adopt different perspectives; to promote personal growth and empowerment; to enhance cultureal humility, cultural competence, and cultural agency; and ultimately, to embody the mindset requisite to fostering antiracist practices. This course will engage participants through a referential and constructive framework to analyze both the complexity and pervasiveness of racism, and to reflect on how they can leverage their professional skills and knowledge to advance racial equity in their institutions and communities.

Law Intersession: Racial Equity Consciousness