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Administrative Law - 2231

Administrative Law
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Fall Term 2022-2023
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Administrative agencies dominate lawmaking today. In theory, governmental agencies simply execute and implement laws; in reality, their reach is much broader. Agencies touch virtually every aspect of modern society. They interpret laws, make and enforce their own rules, conduct investigations, impose penalties, and adjudicate disputes. As more laws delegate power to agencies, agencies gain more power, and their authority—and the limits on that authority—become increasingly important. In this course, we will focus on federal administrative law and learn the basic principles of administrative law. This includes learning about (1) what agencies do, including without limitation rulemaking, adjudicating, and making policy, (2) where agencies fit into our governmental system and how constitutional considerations and statutory issues affect agencies, and (3) what limits there are to agency power such as those found in judicial review of agency action.

Administrative Law