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LAW 5125: Applied Appellate Advocacy - 2231

Applied Appellate Advocacy
Class Term:
Fall Term 2022-2023
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Simulation Course
1 (1 Contact, 0 Field)
Graduation Requirements:
Experiential Learning
Departmental Consent
Full Year Course:
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Grading Details

Editing a sample of your own writing: 10%. Competition brief: 30%. Practice oral arguments: 30%. Reflection on competition experience: 10%. Class participation: 20%.


This course is for students who will represent Pitt Law in an appellate-style external competition. The course will support and enhance both the brief-writing and oral argument aspects of competition participation. You will deepen your skills in identifying a theme for your case, crafting a compelling story, effectively teaching through your writing, and editing your own work product. You will also learn and practice oral advocacy skills with a focus on careful listening, persuasive response, and smooth transitions. Through class exercises, reflection, and self-assessment, you will prepare both for your competition and for the most exciting aspect of your legal career: continuous learning and growth.

Applied Appellate Advocacy