LAW 5688: Social Justice Education Project - 2231

Social Justice Education Project
Class Term:
Fall Term 2022-2023
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3 (1 Contact, 2 Field)
Graduation Requirements:
"W" Writing
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Standard Courses

Additional Information

Pitt students will receive 6 credits for successful completion of the program – 3 credits for fall and 3 credits for spring.  They will participate in a weekly meeting and work closely as a team to teach high school class sessions.  Students will be required to maintain a detailed journal of their legal rights research, appellate brief drafting, teaching preparation, and teaching experiences.  The journal will fulfill the W requirement. 

Students will need to arrange for transportation to the Academy.  They will be reimbursed for reasonable transportation expenses.  

Grading Details

The Social Justice Education Project is a two semester course. Students will receive a grade at the conclusion of each semester, however, in the event that a student does not complete the second semester the student shall receive a W for the course, thus nullifying the grade for the prior semester. Students will receive 3 credits per semester.

Grades will be based on:

Journal of legal rights research, appellate brief drafting, teaching preparation, and teaching experiences 

Participation in weekly meetings 

Observations of teaching performance 

Recommended Prior or Concurrent Courses


The Social Justice Education Project offers University of Pittsburgh upper-level law, social work, and education students the opportunity to teach 11th grade students at The Neighborhood Academy High School located in the Stanton Heights neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  The Neighborhood Academy is an independent, college preparatory school that provides a holistic education and works to break the cycle of generational poverty.  Currently, all of the Academy students are Black.  Pitt students will work with Pitt and Academy faculty to develop and teach a core social justice course for the Academy’s junior class.  They will introduce Academy students to selected constitutional law concepts and cases, the social history that informs the cases, and critical race theory.  Pitt students will also prepare Academy students to participate in a national moot appellate moot court competition sponsored by the Marshall-Brennan Center on Constitutional Literacy.  In addition, Pitt students will work with Academy students to develop and implement actual social justice projects in the Pittsburgh community. 

Social Justice Education Project