LAW 5623: Cyber Policy, Crime, & National Security - 2231

Cyber Policy, Crime, & National Security
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Fall Term 2022-2023
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  This course will explore theoretical and practical aspects of nation-state legal issues concerning cyberspace, with a particular focus on computer-related crime, espionage, war, and international governance. The course will review key legal cases, policy, and legislation. In tandem with a series of expert guest speakers from the field, the course will reflect on the roles of national and international governments, the legal and ethical dimensions of cybersecurity, the relationship between the public and private sectors, and the increasing tensions between privacy and national security. The course will consist of four major components: (1) an assessment of the current cybercrime threat landscape, (2) a review of the relevant national and international legal frameworks, (3) analysis of case studies of significant prosecutions, and (4) assessments of domestic and international policy and security challenges, including gaps in existing frameworks. Students who complete the course will obtain an enhanced understanding of the legal, policy, and security frameworks at the core of these challenging issues for nation-states.

Cyber Policy, Crime, & National Security