LAW 5696: Millitary Law - 2231

Millitary Law
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Fall Term 2022-2023
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Final grade will be based on a take-home midterm writing assignment and a final in-class examination. the midterm writing assignment shall be worth 40% of the student's grade and the final examination will be worth the remaining 60%


The United States Military has become a unique training ground for lawyers in the modern era. Military lawyers or "JAG's" operate worldwide in almost every discipline of law in almost every country on the planet. This course will instruct upon the fundamentals and foundations of the military justice system including its origin and evolution, Special and General Courts?Martial, Administrative Separation procedures, unique evidentiary considerations, the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the Law of Armed Conflict. This course will also discuss the role and relationship between military lawyers and their commanding officers and the many ethical considerations surrounding military decision?making processes.  

Military Law