Information Privacy: Law and Practice - 2234

Information Privacy: Law and Practice
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Spring Term 2022-2023
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There will be a final take-home exam.


This introductory course will provide a comprehensive overview of the primary laws, regulations and guidelines dictating data protection safeguards and privacy practices necessary in the information age. It will begin with an introduction to the origins and philosophical perspectives that provide the framework for current privacy laws in the United States. Students will then explore industry-specific privacy laws and practices such as the HIPAA privacy/security rules, provisions of HITECH breach notification standards, technical, physical and administrative safeguards and their intersection with the various state data protection laws influencing the health care industry. This course will include an introduction to the legal challenges associated with securing electronic data along the information highway and within the cloud, while attempting to safeguard against cybersecurity threats. Students will be introduced to the implications of the enforcement activities belonging to the office for civil rights and the FTC. It will also afford students an opportunity to examine privacy from the financial and international perspectives.

Information Privacy: Law and Practice