International Insolvency - 2234

International Insolvency
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Spring Term 2022-2023
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3 (0 Contact, 0 Field)
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International / Comparative
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Grading Details

Grading will be based primarily on the final take-home exam, with consideration also given to participation in class and in answering lecturers' questions.

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Each spring semester, the American College of Bankrup[tcy offers a live internet-based course in international insolvency law.  This innovative course is shared by law schools across the United Stated and in foreign countries through liver interactive video over the internet.  Experts from around the globe are brought in by the College as guest lecturers for each class session. Ronert Lapowsky, a College Fellow and the course rpofessor at Penn, serves as Course Leader in charge of scheduling the speakers and coordinating the lectures. In addition to the weekly lectures, Pitt students will meet weekly and in-person with Professor Schaffer for an additional on hour session.  These sessions will supplement the material offered online and introduce students to the basics of international capital markets, which is quite relevant given the exten to which international insolvency often involves questions of public debt.

This course has been flagged as a distance education course. This means this class is one in which students are separated from the faculty member or each other (other than specially accommodated students) for more than one-third of the instruction and the instruction involves the use of technology to support regular and substantive interaction among students and between the students and the faculty member, either synchronously or asynchronously.

This is a hybrid course where some classes (more than a third) are remote, and some are in person.

International Insolvency