Mediation Skills - 2231

Mediation Skills
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Fall Term 2022-2023
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Experiential Learning
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Mediation continues to be utilized by parties and the judicial system as a preferred alternative to litigation.  This course is designed to train students to become mediators and to meet the minimum standards set by the courts for mediation of cases.  Students may use this course to satisfy accepted requirements for a basic 40-hour mediation training program. This course focuses on the structure and goals of the mediation process and on the skills and techniques used to assist parties in overcoming barriers to dispute resolution. This will be achieved through a thorough discussion of the theories and sources of conflict, theories of conflict resolution conciliation processes, mediation, negotiation, and professional ethics. These theories are then tested in simulations, exercises, and role plays to allow the students to develop mediation skills, implement creative options for resolving conflict, and explore the effectuation of the theories and their skills.    In addition, it is incumbent on all lawyers to be familiar with the mediation process and become competent in representing clients in mediation. The course also will cover ethical issues for lawyers and mediators, dealing with difficult people, power imbalances, and cultural considerations.

Mediation Skills