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Law and Entrepreneurship - 2234

Law and Entrepreneurship
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Spring Term 2022-2023
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3 (3 Contact, 0 Field)
Limited Enrollment - 3rd Year Priority
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This hands-on, practical course is intended to expose law students to entrepreneurs, innovation companies and the legal issues they face. The course will take students through the life cycle of a technology start-up company, from concept and formation to exit (IPO or sale), through careful analysis of relevant legal documents and case studies, as well as participation in lectures, workshops and simulations. The course will cover choice of entity and formation (including tax issues at start up and early stage fundraising), employee hiring and compensation, evaluation and protection of intellectual property and the development of a comprehensive IP strategy, valuation and financing (investment opportunities), licensing and sales, multinational operations, and exit strategy. The course will provide students with the legal framework and tools necessary to launch and grow a successful technology start-up, and to advise and assist entrepreneurs interested in launching a new business.

Law and Entrepreneurship