Blockchain for Lawyers - 2231

Blockchain for Lawyers
Class Term:
Fall Term 2022-2023
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2 (2 Contact, 0 Field)
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"W" Writing
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Grading Details

There is no exam. The grade will be based 100% on a final paper of 15 pages to be submitted during the exam period.


The Blockchain course reviews how Blockchain technology is significantly altering the way business is being conducted generally and in specific fields like finance, healthcare and data privacy, to only name a few. Those changes, in turn, will bring many new legal challenges that our laws and courts , regulatory agencies and other institutions must address. This course will consider some of the legal opportunities and challenges facing existing and new applications of the blockchain technology.  

This course has been flagged as a distance education course. This means this class is one in which students are separated from the faculty member or each other (other than specially accommodated students) for more than one-third of the instruction and the instruction involves the use of technology to support regular and substantive interaction among students and between the students and the faculty member, either synchronously or asynchronously.

This is a hybrid course where some classes (more than a third) are remote, and some are in person.

Blockchain for Lawyers