Law Intersession- Writing: Thriving in the Law - 2234

Law Intersession- Writing: Thriving in the Law
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Spring Term 2022-2023
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"W" Writing
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Students will practice a variety of resilience skills, habits, and routines in different areas of their lives to minimize stress and optimize well-being. Through this practice, students will gain mastery of these concepts and demonstrate fluency in using resilience skills in order to reap the benefits from these skills. Finally, students will develop a resilience toolbox of skills and strategies that can draw upon throughout law school and in legal practice.

Grading Details

Students will be assessed through the completion of daily classroom exercises, quizzes, and writing assignments.


Studying law can be rewarding and intimidating. Law students generally face the same common barriers during their academic journeys.  They report that demands on their time are depleting, that they mistakenly believe that there’s one “right way” to be a law student, that they must participate in every opportunity to be successful, or they are constantly comparing themselves to others.  Research suggests, however, that students can shape the way they experience difficult moments by looking at these challenges in positive ways and adopting a perspective that helps them to thrive.  In this course, Thriving in the Law: Tools for Academic, Professional, and Personal Well-being, you will learn science-based strategies that you can use to boost motivation, manage distraction, form more meaningful connections, and improve performance.  Using class exercises, videos, lectures, and journaling, students in this peer-led course will explore best practices for learning how to thrive academically, professionally, and personally.  Along with psychology researchers, together, we will develop actionable skills, strategies, and routines that will help us positively adapt to challenging circumstances.  

Law Intersession- Writing: Thriving in the Law