Federal Habeas Corpus, Its History & Practice - 2241

Federal Habeas Corpus, Its History & Practice
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Fall Term 2023-2024
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2 (2 Contact, 0 Field)
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Experiential Learning
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Additional Information

This course is being offered simultaneously at Pitt and Duquesne Law Schools. Most classes will be held in person at Pitt Law, with a hybrid option for those students at the off campus location

Grading Details

Grade will be based on a draft petition, class participation, and a final paper.



This course will study the evolution and history of Habeas Corpus and how the writ is utilized in the federal court system today. A federal habeas case gives students an opportunity to apply constitutional law, criminal law and procedure and civil procedure. There will be an opportunity to learn about wrongful state convictions from a co-instructor who has done extensive work in this area of criminal law. Students will draft a federal habeas petition as part of the class.

This is a hybrid course where some classes (more than a third) are remote, and some are in person.

Federal Habeas Corpus, Its History & Practice