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International Law Careers

Students interested in international careers will need to build and shape their legal experiences over time. It is unlikely that THE JOB in a sophisticated international practice will be waiting immediately upon graduation. It is also unlikely that the education necessary for such a job will be completed in three academic years. A healthier approach to planning your international law career is to think about what you really want to do five to seven years out of law school, and what you need to do prepare yourself to get there. Much of "being in the right place at the right time" is a result of careful preparation.

Here are some resources and job listings to help you move from the JD program into professional life:

International Career Development and Skills Building presented by Wes Rist (JD '05):

Wes Rist (JD '05), the Director of Education and Research at the American Society of International Law, discussed the steps that students can take while still in law school to help themselves stand out in the search for an international law position. The presenation included targeted job searching, resume drafting, managing one's professional contacts, identifying appropriate international experiences, purusing valuable volunteer and professional membership opportunities, and other practical issues that students can pursue immediately.