Kevin Deasy

Associate Professor Emeritus of Law


While he directs Pitt Law School's legal writing program for all first-year students, Professor Kevin Deasy's particular interest is the Mellon Writing Program for students from underrepresented groups--minority students, older students, and students with disabilities. Through the program, Professor Deasy provides these students with an intimate, supportive learning environment and a challenging series of projects designed to build their communication and analytical skills.

In addition, Professor Deasy is active in the Council on Legal Education Opportunity (CLEO), serving as the director of the CLEO Summer Institute at the University of Pittsburgh in 1995, and as an instructor at the CLEO programs at Dickinson Law School in 1994 and 1996. He has published in Journal of Law, Science and Technology, and The Computer Lawyer, among others.

Other Activities

  • Instructor/Coordinator, Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project, Univ. of Pittsburgh School of Law.

Programs & Courses