Pitt Law Professor David Harris to Debate Immigration on NPR's Justice Talking

PITTSBURGH-David Harris, University of Pittsburgh professor of law, will debate the issue of immigration with Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch in Washington, D.C., on National Public Radio's (NPR) Justice Talking. The show, hosted by Margot Adler and titled The Federal Round-Up of Illegal Workers, will begin airing Jan. 28 on NPR stations and will be available at www.justicetalking.org. Pittsburgh listeners can hear the show on WDUQ FM radio at 3 p.m. Feb. 3.

With the crackdown on hiring illegal immigrants, what happens to workers caught without papers? The Justice Talking discussion will center on the country's work rules and what they mean for illegal workers.

Harris studies, writes, and teaches about police behavior and regulation, law enforcement, and national security issues and the law. He is the leading national authority on racial profiling. His book, Profiles in Injustice: Why Racial Profiling Cannot Work (The New Press, 2002), and his scholarly articles in the field of traffic stops of non-White motorists influenced the national debate on profiling and related topics. Harris has testified three times in the U.S. Senate and before many state legislative bodies.

His book, Good Cops: The Case for Preventive Policing (The New Press, 2005), uses case studies from around the country to suggest that citizens need not trade liberty for safety. He argues that they can be safe from criminals and terrorists without sacrificing their civil rights if law enforcement uses strategies based on prevention.

Harris has appeared on The Today Show and Dateline NBC and has been interviewed by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Los Angeles Times, among others. He served as a member of the Civil Liberties Advisory Board to the White House Commission on Aviation Safety and Security.

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