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The University of Pittsburgh Law Building is currently undergoing major renovations. Access to the building and law library is restricted until July. Please email or call (412) 648-1490 if you need assistance.

Audited Courses

At the discretion of the faculty member teaching a course, a law student may audit that course.  The course will be listed as “N” (non-credit audit) on the student’s transcript under the following conditions:

  1. During the add/drop period, the student must obtain a written authorization from the faculty member whose course will be audited.  Permission to Audit forms are available at the Law School Registrar’s Office.
  2. The faculty member will determine what preparation and attendance requirements will be imposed so as to have the course appear on the transcript as an audit.  In no instance will an audit designation be made on a transcript where minimal attendance requirements have not been met.
  3. Once the course is completed, the Law School Registrar must receive written certification from the faculty member to record the audit on the student’s transcript.
  4. No credit is granted for audited courses.
  5. Students are not permitted to change their status in a particular course from “enrolled for credit” to “audit” during the course of the semester.