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Continuing Obligation to Report Character Information

After a student has matriculated, he/she has a responsibility to notify the School of Law promptly regarding changes to any information contained in the application. Any misrepresentation or material omission regarding any information requested in the application constitutes a violation of the Standards of Academic Integrity and may result in the revocation of admission. It remains the responsibility of the student to inform the School of Law of any arrestes, charges, citations, accusations, or prosecutions for any crime by a law enforcement agency, or if he/she becomes the subject of any investigation by a law enforcement agency, civil or administrative agency, professional organization, corporation, board or any other agency (including, but not limited to the lawyer Disciplinary Board, Attorney General's Office, government entity, law firm, etc.) during his/her tenure in the School of Law.  This does NOT include summary (minor) motor vehicle violations for which you were given a citation (ticket).  Failure to do so may affect the student's ability to practice law. Information contained in the application and in a student's record may be considered by bar examination authorities during their investigation of character and fitness of the practice of law.