Credit for Courses in Other Law Schools

No credit is given to any student registered in the Law School for courses taken in other law schools unless written permission to take such courses is obtained in advance from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.  A student must earn a passing grade as defined by the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.  Credits only will be applied.  The actual letter grade will not figure in computing the student’s Law School average.  In no event will a student be given permission to take a course elsewhere for credit for which a failing grade has been received in this school.  It is the responsibility of the student transferring credit to assure that an official grade report from the other school is submitted to the Law School in a timely manner.  A total of six (6) credits may be taken in another law school’s summer program.  The work completed in a summer program at another law school does not qualify as a full semester for purposes of satisfying the six-semester residency requirement for graduation.