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Leave of Absence

A student who completes the first year of law school may petition the Office of the Dean for a leave of absence. This petition must be in writing, setting forth the circumstances of the request and the length of leave desired. Approval is generally not given for more than one year, and the approval may be conditional. A petition for a leave of absence will not be considered during an examination period.

It will be the student's responsibility to meet the conditions of his or her leave. The student must submit a letter to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs' Office at least two months prior to the end of leave or when otherwise requested indicating his or her intention to return to the school. If the student fails to submit a letter or goes beyond the time of leave granted, the student will not be eligible to return automatically. The student must petition for readmission. In addition, the student must complete the University Student Resignation Form if he or she preregistered for the term in which the leave has been granted.

Leaves of absence are not available to students during their first year. A student who cannot complete the first year must notify the Law School Registrar and file a University Student Resignation Form with the Office of Student Appeals (see item #2 for resignation procedure under change of status) and must go through the admissions process again if he or she wishes to return to the school.

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