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Undergraduate Transcript Verification Policy

As part of the admissions process, the Office of Admissions & Financial Aid reminds admitted students throughout the summer prior to their matriculation that a final official undergraduate transcript is required to be in their law school file before the first day of class.

Students who have not submitted their transcript by the first day of class will receive reminder notifications from the Registrar’s Office beginning in the first week of class on a weekly basis.  They will also receive a personal notification from the Vice Dean via email in the second week of September and the first week of October informing them that they have not submitted the required form.   The letter will further advise them that if they fail to provide a final and official undergraduate transcript by October 15, they will be administratively withdrawn from the class.  On October 15, the Registrar will administratively withdraw all students who have not submitted a final official undergraduate transcript. 

In extraordinary circumstances, approved by the Vice Dean in consultation with the Assistant Dean of Students, the Law School may grant a limited extension of time to a student who, through no fault of their own, has not submitted a final official undergraduate transcript by October 15.  The circumstances will be documented and recorded in a file maintained in the office of the Vice Dean.