Written Work for Credit

At the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, seminar and independent study papers, as well as other written work submitted for credit, must be based upon original scholarship (research and writing) by the student submitting the written work. Accordingly, students must fully disclose to any faculty member supervising written work the extent to which all, or any portion, of written work being submitted for credit has been based upon scholarship done in another course, seminar or project for credit, either at the University of Pittsburgh or any other institution of high learning. (This would include student notes and comments prepared for the Law Review, Journal of Law and Commerce, Pittsburgh Journal of Technology Law and Policy, The Pittsburgh Tax Review or the Pittsburgh Journal of Environmental and Public Health Law.) Students also are required to disclose to a supervising faculty member whether scholarship has been based in whole or in part upon scholarship performed by the student outside of a college or university setting, such as in an externship (paid or unpaid), volunteer work, or summer, part time or full time employment.