Engage in Professional Development

The PDO offers a broad range of professional development and educational programs focusing on various practice areas and the development of professional skills.  The PDO consults with the PDO Ambassadors (made up of 1L, 2L and 3L students) and reviews annual PDO student survey responses to develop programs of interest. The PDO invites student organizations to co-sponsor career programs with the PDO.

  • PDO Professional Development Guides available in the PittLawWorks Resource Library
  • Programming: 
    • Persuasive Advocacy in Resumes, Cover Letters, Interviews, Informational Meetings, etc.
    • Mock Interview Program: In the spring following the end of final exams, PDO arraigns mock interviews for students with law firms, corporate, government, public interest and non-traditional employers. In addition, PDO conducts individual mock interviews with students and alumni throughout the year.
    • Lawyer-to-Lawyer Program:  Over a lunch hour, PDO escorts students to the offices of a law firm, government agency, corporation or judge, where the students hear attorneys describe their practice area, what their typical work day looks like, and their own career paths.  Lawyer-to-Lawyer Programs are among PDO's most popular with students and the lawyers enjoy them immensely!
    • Judicial Clerkship Assistance Program:  The PDO works individually with students interested in judicial clerkships (at the federal, state and local level), helping them to identify clerkship opportunities, and providing assistance with application materials, navigating the OSCAR on-line system for federal clerkships, and preparing for interviews.
    • Pitt Law Academy Programs:  Exclusive Pitt Law professional development programs that include topics such as “Public Law vs. Private Law Careers;” “How Do I Figure Out What Kind of Law I Want to Practice;” “Lawyers As Leaders;” and “Is It Possible to Be a Super Star Lawyer and Still Have a Personal Life/Family?” just to name a few.
  • Join a Bar Association: