COVID-19 Response

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The Barco Law Library is open during regular library hours for Pitt Law faculty and students only.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are not open to Pitt users outside of Pitt Law; and we are not open to the public.

Recruit at Pitt Law

Pitt Law Recruiting Policies 2021-2022

The following policies have been established to protect the interests of both law students and employers. By recruiting at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, employers agree to abide by these policies.

On-Campus Interviews

On-campus interviews are held throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. We can schedule these interviews to occur at the law school or within your office. There is never a charge to employers. Please register through PittLawWorks.

In 2012, Pitt Law began offering the option of on-site screening interviews. As a result of the overwhelming positive response, we encourage employers to hold screening interviews at your Pittsburgh offices during Fall Recruitment Weeks 1-3. As a reminder, a member of the Pitt Law Professional Development Office will be on-site to ensure a successful interview day. If you are recruiting for an office outside of the downtown Pittsburgh area, please request an interview schedule at the Law School.

We are also happy to facilitate video conference interviews for employers located outside of the Pittsburgh region that are unable to travel to campus for interviews. 

Spring Recruitment 2021

OCI during the spring semester may be scheduled by contacting the PDO directly to setup a date that is mutually convenient. Please contact Sarah Weissman, Assistant Director of Private Sector Careers to schedule your spring OCI. 

Fall Recruitment 2021

As higher education and the economy adapt to the current challenges surrounding COVID-19, the Professional Development Office (PDO) wanted to provide you with an update on Pitt Law's plan to address 2021 Fall Recruitment and OCI.

Currently, the PDO plans to host traditional OCI virtually beginning August 2021 when many employers will be looking to hire for their Summer 2022 classes. Our office will offer OCI for the fall term virtually beginning August 2, 2021.  If you would like to register, please contact Sarah Weissman.

This plan may be subject to change according to prevailing health and government limitations as the summer and school term progresses. Our office will be sure to communicate any pertinent information regarding changes as soon as they may be known.


As a reminder, for the Spring 2020 term, Pitt Law deviated from its standard grading policy to account for the impact of an abrupt and immediate shift to online learning environments for students and faculty. Members of the Class of 2022 received law journal invitations in July 2020 based on a combination of grades and a write-on submission.

From the Fall 2020 semester onward, Pitt Law has returned to its standard grading policy. You may view Pitt Law's grading policy here.  

Pitt Law has committed to a policy of not providing an academic ranking of students. Recognizing the needs of those who hire according to class rank, the grade distributions for each class may be found here

Law Journal Invitations:

Law journal invitations will be extended to rising 2Ls in mid-July. These invitations are based on a combination of grades and a write-on submission.

Collect Resumes

If you are unable to attend any of our interview programs, PDO will collect and forward student resumes to you. At your request, we can then work with you to arrange an interview schedule either at your office or at a mutually convenient location. Please register through PittLawWorks.

Post a Job

Post full or part-time jobs for students and graduates.