Comprehensive Courses

A comprehensive course is one that includes preparation for all parts of the exam and all substantive subjects tested on the exam. Many of the providers listed below provide a comprehensive course for only some states. Check directly with the provider to determine if it provides a course for your state(s) of choice.

  • BAR/BRI (1-800-452-7277)
    • Offered for almost every state
    • Also offers supplemental essays-only course and MPRE review
    • Regulated schedule of classes in locations throughout country late May to July
    • Live lectures or video lectures
  • Themis Bar Review (1-888-843-6476)
    • Interactive online course; online lectures with corresponding diagnostic MBE questions; practice essay answers turned in to "personal bar exam adviser" for feedback; no live lectures
    • Available for PA, NJ, PA/NJ combo, and several other states
    • Also offers MBE-only for those taking other states
    • Also offers essays/PT-only (for CA, PA, and NJ) and MPRE prep
  • Kaplan (1-800-523-0777)
    • Offered for almost every state
    • Live lectures or video lectures, depending on location
  • Celebration Bar Review (1-864-365-6083)
    • Available for CA, FL, GA, NJ, NY, TX
    • Also offers MBE-only for those taking other states
  • Law Preps (1-888-692-2731)
    • One-on-one tutoring and small-group workshops

See also the MBE-only and Writing-only courses.