MBE only Courses

The providers listed here offer courses or materials focused only on the MBE.  This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, and the law school does not endorse any particular provider.

  • Themis Bar Review (1-888-843-6476)
    • Online lectures and practice questions
    • Also offers comprehensive course or essays/PT-only for several states
  • Reed Bar Review (1-800-852-3926)
    • Private or small-class tutorials (teleconference, email, etc; no live contact with instructor) or flashcards, software, videotapes or audio tapes.
    • Also offers comprehensive and essays/PT-only courses
  • PMBR (1-888-887-1030)
    • Three-day, six-day, or nine-day combination) and tutorials, all designed to supplement comprehensive bar preparation courses
    • Live courses offered throughout the country
    • Kaplan also offers comprehensive prep course for almost all states
  • Emanuel Bar Review (1-888-MBE-PREP)
  • Celebration Bar Review (1-864-365-6083)
    • Also offers comprehensive courses for selected states
  • MyBarPrep
    • Web-based course; self-regulated; no live lectures
  • AdaptiBar (1-877-466-1250)
    • Web-based course; self-regulated; no live lectures
  • Pass Rite-MBE (1-360-335-0142)
    • Software providing study materials for MBE; self-regulated; no live lectures
    • Also offers MPRE Review

See also the comprehensive and writing only course listings.