Classroom Contact Hours

The American Bar Association Standards for Approval of Law Schools require that at least 64 credits “shall be [earned] in courses that require attendance in regularly scheduled classroom sessions or direct faculty instruction” at a law school. Credits earned for work done outside the law school classroom — whether as independent studies, field work (associated with clinics, practicum courses or externships), activities for credit (e.g., law review, moot court), or approved graduate-level, law-related coursework taken at another school within the University (even as part of a joint-degree program or certificate program) — will count toward the 88 credits required for graduation, but will not count toward this 64-credit requirement.

For most courses, the number of classroom contact hours equals the total number of credits awarded.  For some courses, however – in particular, clinics, seminars, and practicum courses – the number of classroom contact hours is fewer than the total number of credits awarded.  Information regarding classroom contact hours is provided with the section-specific information for each course offering.