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LAW 5062: Pitt Law Academy (Spring Term) - 2204

Pitt Law Academy (Spring Term)
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Spring Term 2019-2020
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This speaker series on lawyers’ roles will provide students, at the beginning of their law school careers, with exposure to and understanding of the variety of roles that lawyers play in the profession and society. The series consists of six programs over the course of the academic year, and first-year students are required to attend at least five of those programs. Each program, moderated by a full-time faculty member, features multiple presenters with law degrees who work in various professional settings, including practicing attorneys with widely varying specialties, judges, or other professionals working outside of law practice. The presentations should help first-year students gain a better appreciation of the practical and intellectual aspects of different professional roles and to preview some of the important personal and professional issues and concerns that may confront them in the course of their careers.

Pitt Law Academy (Spring Term)