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LAW 5954: D.C. Seminar - 2204

D.C. Seminar
Class Term:
Spring Term 2019-2020
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3 (2 Contact, 0 Field)
Graduation Requirements:
Upper-Level Writing
"W" Writing
Experiential Learning
Departmental Consent
Full Year Course:
Special Permission Enrollment Courses - Enrollment in this course requires special permission. See the enrollment information for the section or contact the Registrar for more information.

Additional Information

The D.C. Seminar is one component of the Semester in D.C. Program. Students may participate in the Semester in D.C. Program during the spring semester of their second or third year.
Students enrolling in the D.C. Seminar must also register for the D.C. Externship, which is described separately.
Students interested in participating in the Semester in D.C. Program should: (a) review the information on the Semester in D.C. Program webpage; (b) contact Prof. Baylis to discuss the program requirements and externship application process; and (c) contact Prof. Baylis for permission to register for this course and the D.C. Externship after obtaining an externship position. Students who are interested in participating but have not yet secured an externship position should register for a regular courseload of classes. Upon accepting an externship, students can drop their other classes and add the D.C. Externship and D.C. Seminar.

Grading Details

Students’ grades will be based half on the final paper and half on class participation and weekly journals.


The D.C. Seminar is one component of the Semester in D.C. Program. The D.C. Seminar gives students the opportunity to reflect on and learn from their externship experiences, to explore the role of lawyers in the processes of federal law-making, policy-making, lobbying, and dispute resolution, and to learn about Washington career paths by meeting with alumni mentors and other attorneys. The seminar meets in the law school’s D.C. classroom. The three seminar credits will be graded. Grades will be based on class participation, a weekly journal, and a significant paper regarding a legal issue or set of issues relating to the externship. Students enrolling in the D.C. Seminar must also enroll in the D.C. Externship.

D.C. Seminar