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Asynchronous Video Capture with Panopto

Josh Galperin teaching using Panopto

For info about using the Panopto application, see the Panopto support page for How to Record with Panopto for Windows and How to Record with Panopto for Mac.

For help using the My Pitt Video site, see the Panopto support page for How to Navigate the Video Library (Links to an external site.).

Make Engaging Videos

  • Record lecture in small segments, preferably 20 minutes or less.
  • Total required viewing of weekly assigned lecture should not more than scheduled class time it replaces.
  • Be simple and succinct. If what you discuss is too complicated, your important points will be lost. Separate major topics into smaller segments.

When to Use Panopto

  • Lectures that are replacing synchonous teaching.
  • During live sessions, because some students may not be able to attend.
  • Zoom record to cloud feature will place the video in your My Folder / Meeting Recordings folder in Panopto.
  • Class or case discussions.

Canvas Integration

Whether it’s a lecture, a flipped class, or a student assignment, Panopto allows Canvas users to capture videos directly from the LMS and embed them into course content. Panopto’s recording software automatically configures itself for easy setup, and live webcasts can be created with just one extra click. Videos recorded with other applications can be uploaded by simple drag-and-drop.

The Panopto Canvas integration enables you to automatically provision courses, individually or in batch. Instructors are automatically made Panopto creators, and students become viewers. Panopto recordings and webcasts automatically publish to the associated Canvas course, and can also be embedded directly into a Canvas page by an instructor.  Once a student or faculty member logs into Canvas, they’ll automatically login to Panopto as well. And with rolling synchronization, Panopto always references your current class lists to understand which students have access to each class.

With Panopto, videos can be embedded anywhere in the Canvas LMS and played back on-demand on any laptop or mobile device. From any embedded video, students can easily access search, the table of contents, notes, or discussion. Students may also choose to open an embedded video in the full interactive viewer if needed. 

Attendance with Panopto

You can view attendance for asynchronous watching of classes by using the statistics that are built into Panopto videos. These statistics will give you information such as how often your videos are being viewed, what portions of your videos users are watching most, and which users are accessing your videos. This documentation shows you how to access statistics and what information is provided.

Note: In order to know if students are watching the videos and for how long, you must share videos to either "specific people" like your Canvas class or use the "Anyone at your organization..."

Advanced Sharing - Embed the Video

Let's say you want to share the video on a page in a module in Canvas or on a TWEN page. To get the embed code, follow the guide on the Panopto faculty guide on getting the embed code. Next, use the Canvas guide to embed video from another website. Or for TWEN, use page 44's instructions in the Professor's TWEN Guide Book.

Move My Video

Panopto allows you to copy a session and move a session to a new folder. This article will show Creators how to copy and move sessions.

Pro Tip: Video recorded by Zoom may be in My Folder / Meeting Recordings.  Using this tip can help you move it to your course folder. You can read more about the Zoom - Panopto Integration.

View Our Step-by-Step Guide »

Student Video Assignment

An assignment folder is a subfolder that shares a user list with its parent folder. Those with Viewer access to the parent folder have the ability to record and upload videos to the assignment folder.

Create Student Assignment Folder »

Student Guide - How to Create a Video Assignment in Canvas »


The University Center for Teaching and Learning has documented all tools provided in this section. This serves as a guide to finding that documentation. You can always contact them by the following means:

University Center for Teaching and Learning
Support Hours: Monday – Friday 8-5
Phone: 412-648-2832

CSSD Technology Help Desk
Support Hours: 24/7/365
Phone: 412-624-4357