Exam Laptop Information

All students who will be using laptops to take their exams, for those faculty permitting them, must follow the below listed procedures to use laptops. The only way you can take your exams on a laptop is to use the software provided by the Law School for exams.  iPads are not supported by Pitt Law.

For exams allowing laptops, students are not required to come to the Registrar's Office to sign-up for those exams they wish to take on their laptop. However, in order to take your exams on your laptop, you must do the following:

  • Watched the appropriate training video for your platform (found below), and sign the Exam Software Training Statement, and turn it in to the Registrar’s Office before exams begin.;
  • Downloaded and installed the ExamSoft Examplify software;
  • Downloaded the exam files; and
  • Take the mock exam using the password mock123.  (Note:  Exam Number is your Exam ID provided by the Registrar office.  You may use any number for the mock exam.)


IT Office Hours

Please feel free to stop by the IT office (Rm. 429J) with any technical questions and concerns you may have prior to exam day. We are available 8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday through Fridays, with posted evening hours during the semester.

Laptop Exam Requirements

Pitt Law One-to-One Program for 1Ls >>

A PC or Macintosh Computer that meets the requirements listed below.

Proctors cannot and will not supply technical support to any student during an exam, but the proctor can contact a member of the IT Staff for assistance. If your PC fails during an exam, you will have to continue the exam in writing, in a bluebook. You will also not be given any additional time to complete it.

You are responsible to make sure the laptop has a fully charged battery and a functional power cord.  Examplify runs best when the anti-virus is turned off during the exam.  You are responsible for finding out how to do this prior to exam day.

The Law School does not provide PC's for taking exams.  All exams via Examplify will be completed in a secure exam environment.

Computer Requirements for Apple Devices: Supports Mac OS 10.13 or higher

See Minimum System Requirements for Mac Device

Pitt Law does not support the use of iPads.

Computer Requirements for Windows Devices: Supports Windows 10 Only

See Minimum System Requirements for PC Devices

No Virutal Machines