Tony Infanti to Speak at Harvard Law and at National Conference on Law, Culture and Humanities

Porfessor Tony Infanti of Pitt Law will deliver a talk at a Harvard Law School conference.  Profesor Infanti will discuss the estate tax and the LGBT community at  Harvard Law School Lambda's 6th Annual Legal Advocacy Conference, entitled "Queering Age: Exploring the Lived Experiences of LGBT Youth and Elders."   The conference takes place at Harvard on April 1 and 2.  Professor Infanti will also present his new paper,  "Inequitable Administration: Documenting Family for Tax Purposes," at the Law, Culture & Humanities conference in Las Vegas on  Friday, March 11, as part of a panel discussion called "Codifying Families."  Professor Infanti will also serve as the chair and discussant for another panel at the conference, entitled the "Corporate Forms."   

Link to Harvard conference

Link to Law, Culture, and Humanities conference 

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