U.S. International Law Sources

The U.S. government publishes information about U.S. foreign policy, international agreements in preparation and in force, and foreign countries.

Department of State - Issues
Click on a topic to see fact sheets, brochures, leads to foreign partnership documents, press releases, etc...

Department of State - Countries
Click on a country's name to see documents referencing that country including: Background Notes, press releases, studies, consular information, congressional testimony, etc...

State Dep't. Office of the Legal Advisor
This office provides in-house legal counsel for U.S. diplomatic work. The Web site has the full-text of the annual Digest of U.S. Practice in International Law plus links to the department's component offices: Treaty Affairs, Private International Law, International Claims & Investment Disputes, & Immunity from Judicial Seizure.

Senate Record of Treaty Actions
Links to all of the stages in treaty ratification. Within each stage, readers can see how the Senate is proceding with each document.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee
This committee develops statutory foreign policy and overseas several foreign policy service agencies. The site links to legislation, hearings, press releases, and people to contact for further information.

House Committee on Foreign Affairs
This is the House committee that develops statutory foreign policy. The site includes videos and transcripts of hearings and other House legislative documents associated with current matters involving trade, international education, the UN, diplomatic service, etc...

U.S. Trade Representative
This office creates and coordinates U.S. Trade policy by negotiating with foreign countries, developing agreements with foreign countries, managing certain disputes with foreign countries, and communicating trade issues with and on behalf of the U.S. President. The site links to the full-text of U.S. trade agreements and detailed news, background, and instructions relevant to individual trade sectors.

CIA World Fact Book
Maps, fundamental government facts, and statistical data about foreign countries' populations, geography, education, business, and environments. Browse by country name to get all of the data for a particular place.

Library of Congress Guide
The LOC has several databases to help you find information about foreign and international law: The Global Legal Information Network which is often the only place to locate obscure foreign law materials, The Global Legal Monitor which is a newsletter about major changes in foreign law, Guide to Law Online which links to foreign legislative services, and the Multinational Collections Database in which you can search for foreign law materials within the library's collection.