Vivian Curran and "The Idea of France/L’Idée de la France"

From November 10-12, Professor Vivian Curran participated in the interdisciplinary conference "The Idea of France/L’Idée de la France."  Professor Curran was one of the organizers of the conference and co-recipient of a University Center for International Studies  GAP grant.  On November 10, she organized and moderated a panel on foreign and comparative law in U.S. and French courts.  The panelists were Judges William Fletcher of the Ninth Circuit and Olivier Dutheillet de Lamothe of France’s Supreme Court of Public Law.   On November 11, Professor Curran chaired a panel on “Law and Frenchness.”  Professor Curran also gave the introductory remarks to Judge Dutheillet de Lamothe’s Keynote address, “Montesquieu est-il encore vivant?” (“Is Montesquieu Still Alive?”).


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