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Master of Studies in Law (MSL) Degree

Masters of Studies in Law Degree

Complement Your Career With The Study of Law

Law is a pervasive influence on almost all aspects of life in the United States. As we progress in various jobs, many of us come into contact with laws and lawyers and have to conduct our careers in ways that require some knowledge of law, but our education about these laws is often very limited.

The MSL Program Benefit

This master in laws program will provide you with an education about law and the legal process.

  • Read cases decided by courts, statutes passed by legislatures, and regulations issued by administrative agencies.
  • Learn how to master these legal studies
  • Learn through reasoning what law would apply in a particular situation in which there currently is no law or no clear law
  • Learn how to think like a lawyer
  • Learn what the law is in your particular area of interest
  • Establish a better understanding of how the law works and how to use the law in your work

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