Legal Clinics for the Public

The University of Pittsburgh School of Law operates several clinics which provide legal services to the public free of charge.  The clinics focus their efforts on the following areas:

  • Tax Law
  • Civil Practice, Including Elder Law and Health Law

Hours are by appointment only.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact the clinics at (412) 648-1300.  Availability of the clinics' services is limited, and not all cases will be accepted.  Generally, only low-income people can use our services.

If your case is accepted, Law students working in our clinics will talk to you about your problem. With the help of the professional lawyers in charge of the clinic, they will decide whether they can take your case. A team of students will research your problem, help you file important papers, and represent you at hearings in court, if necessary.

Remember that the people helping you are law students. If your case lasts a long time, a different team of students may take over your case. Although these students are still learning about the law, they are certified by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to serve as legal interns. And they are supervised by qualified lawyers with a lot of experiences with cases like yours.