Labor Law: Private Sector

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This course, after a short review of American labor history, will focus almost exclusively on the National Labor Relations Act, the nation’s premier statute dealing with labor management relations in the private sector, and the model for many public sector state laws covering the field. The course deals with the rights of individual employees, employers, and unions with respect to concerted activity, unionization, the establishment of collective bargaining units, elections conducted by the National Labor Relations Board, and the collective bargaining process. The course will also cover strikes, picketing and handbilling by unions, the current restrictions or limitations on such conduct, and the administration of collective bargaining agreements, grievance processing, and the arbitration of disputes. We will study and critically examine procedural and substantive case law developed by the National Labor Relations Board, and its impact upon labor-management relations in both unionized and non-union environments. The course concludes with a discussion of the future of labor relations. We will discuss more recent tactics employed by unions and management and engage in a debate as to whether and how the current labor laws should be amended. Classes will be a combination of both lecture and dialogue. We also will discuss critical issues with representatives from Pittsburgh's union and business communities.

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Spring Term 2015-2016
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Spring Term 2014-2015 21637
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