Family Law Clinic

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Professional Skills
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3rd Year Priority when offered in the Fall, 2nd Year Priority when offered in the Spring

The Family Law Clinic is a two semester clinic. Students will receive a grade at the conclusion of each semester, however, in the event that a student does not complete the second semester the student shall receive a W for the course, thus nullifying the grade for the prior semester. Students will receive 4 credits per semester.

Classroom study generally includes instruction in client interviewing, client counseling, custody, paternity and child support substantive Pennsylvania law and custody and child support litigation procedures in Allegheny County. Custody mediation techniques are also examined.

In clinic, under faculty supervision:

  • Students will interview clients with regard to Pennsylvania custody and child support law.
  • Students will, as legal interns certified by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, interview, counsel and assist clients in certain proceedings in the Family Court of Allegheny County dealing with matters of child custody and support.
  • Students may in the course of their clinic duties prepare and deliver educational lectures concerning the substance of family law to client groups as, if and when the need arises, thus providing the student the opportunity to teach.
  • Students may prepare Briefs, Motions, Complaints, Petitions or other court documents depending upon the legal needs of the clients that the student assist.
  • Students may prepare research memos to be presented to all the students at the Clinic Review Meetings.
  • Second semester students will undertake to mentor incoming students in family law court procedures.

Course Offerings 2015-2016

Term Class # Professor
Fall Term 2015-2016 14099 More >
Spring Term 2015-2016 More >

Course Offerings 2014-2015

Term Class # Professor
Fall Term 2014-2015 14336
More >
Spring Term 2014-2015 14098
More >

Course Offerings 2013-2014

Term Class # Professor
Spring Term 2013-2014 14326
More >
Fall Term 2013-2014 14650
More >