International Arbitration Seminar

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Upper-Level Writing
International / Comparative
"W" Writing
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Seminar - 3rd Year Priority
Standard Courses

This seminar will be taught in French. Readings will be in both French and English, and students will be encouraged, but not required, to speak French in class. Attention will be paid to easing language difficulties, within limits that students who register for this course should be able to read at an adult level and to understand the equivalent level of spoken French.

We will study the basic tenets and principal treaties of international commercial arbitration. The course also will address from a comparative perspective some national laws of international arbitration, including, to the extent time permits, those of France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the United States. Recent scholarship suggests that important national differences remain influential in a field that many interpret as a-national. These differences in turn raise issues of the extent to which contracting parties are autonomous under international arbitration treaties.