Bernard J. Hibbitts; Assoc. Dean for 

Comm. & Info. Tech.; U. Pgh. School of Law
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Perhaps with good reason, the World Wide Web has been likened to the Library of Congress - with all the books scattered on the floor. In an effort to provide some assistance to other users of this resource, the pages in this section have been linked to some of what I consider to be the best and most useful Web sites on higher education, legal research, legal history, electronic scholarly publishing, the study of orality and literacy, Canadian communications theorist Marshall McLuhan, and the senses in human culture.


Higher Education
The Higher Education page links to major academic bookstores and publishers, information technology resources, libraries and information resources, plus a variety of sites on universities and university affairs.

Legal Research
The Legal Research page features links to key materials for the study and practice of American law, English law and Canadian law.

Legal History
The Legal History page features links to sites of general interest to legal historians as well as to sites specifically related to the study of Ancient Law, American Legal History, English Legal History and European Legal History.

Electronic Scholalrly Publishing
The Electronic Scholarly Publishing page features links to books, journals, papers, projects and resources on the use of the Internet for scholarly publishing.

Orality and Literacy
The Orality and Literacy page features links to books, book reviews, papers, projects, courses, resources and other sites helpful in understanding the varieties and cultural implications of oral and written communication from the beginnings of human history to the present computer age.

Marshall McLuhan
The Marshall McLuhan page features links to biographical material as well as links to journals, papers, projects, courses, research centers and new releases relevant to the life and work of the late Canadian communications theorist Marshall McLuhan. The site also links to some of McLuhan's own writings and other works currently available online.

The Senses in Human

The Senses in Human Culture page features links to papers and resources relevant to the sociological and anthropological study of the senses.

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