Class of 2025

Tara Bhatia

Hometown: Cranberry Township, PA 
Academic Interests: Corporate Law, Immigration Law, Entertainment Law
Pitt Law FavoritesSpending time in and out of class with supportive friends made at Pitt Law.
Fun Facts: Tara went to Boston University as an undergrad and lived by Fenway Park!

Joe Carna

Hometown: New Castle, PA
Academic Interests: Tax Law, M&A Law 
Pitt Law Favorites: The culture at Pitt Law is welcoming and inclusive. The faculty and your classmates remind you that you belong here and everyone wants to see you and each other succeed.
Fun Facts: Joe is a "Real Housewives" encyclopedia and addicted to his Peloton. 
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Murphy DePompei

Hometown: Nashville, TN
Academic Interests: Public Interest, Litigation
Pitt Law Favorites:  Pitt Law Women's Association and If/When/How, supportive faculty, the Professional Development Office, and the library view of the Cathedral of Learning. 
Fun Facts: Murphy acted in several Shakespearean productions at the University of Chicago during her undergraduate career.
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Andrew Francis

Hometown: Dallas, PA
Academic Interests: International Law, Torts
Pitt Law FavoritesClassmates – especially the legal writing cohort. The highly approachable and helpful professors. As a bonus, Starbucks, Dunkin, and Chipotle are all within a 5-minute walk from the Barco Law Building.
Fun Facts: Andrew was a medal-winning coxswain and rower at Pitt during his undergrad.
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Nick Franos

Hometown: Erie, PA
Academic Interests: International Law
Pitt Law FavoritesSidebar Cafe Coffee, friendly, accessible Faculty, and an inclusive student community.
Fun Facts: Nick enjoys playing basketball and other team sports in his downtime.
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Elizabeth Georgelis

Hometown: Lancaster, PA 
Academic Interests: Personal Injury Law, Criminal Law, Contract Law 
Pitt Law FavoritesSpending time with peers in Barco and getting to know the professors who always make time to help their students.
Fun Facts: Elizabeth is interested in politics and interned in the PA House of Representatives in Harrisburg, PA, and the US House of Representatives in Washington, DC.
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Alexandra Holland

Hometown: High Point, NC
Academic Interests: Corporate Law, Sports and Entertainment Law
Pitt Law FavoritesThe friendly faculty, staff, and excellent local restaurants.
Fun Facts: Alexandra attended Barack Obama’s inauguration. 
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Sophia Hood

Hometown: Aldie, VA
Academic Interests: Regulatory Law, Property Law
Pitt Law Favorites: Friends made in law school, the excellent location of the Barco Law Building, and the supportive professors
Fun Facts: Sophia is trilingual.

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Morgan Hubbard

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA 
Academic Interests: Immigration Law, Family Law, and Litigation
Pitt Law Favorites: Reading JURIST, attending Pitt Law Women's Association events, finding a cozy spot by the windows in the library, leaving nice notes in classmates' lockers, and downing a coffee before class.
Fun Facts: Morgan was a seventh-grade math teacher before attending Pitt Law.

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Emily Maloney

Hometown: Oakdale, PA 
Academic Interests: Torts & Contracts
Pitt Law Favorites: El Jefes, Professor Weisberg's Torts class
Fun Facts: Emily recently bought her first home! 

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Gabriel Rubio

Hometown:  Pittsburgh, PA 
Academic Interests: Transactional Law, Immigration Law, Employment Law 
Pitt Law Favorites:  The friendships I've made with classmates, Prof. Bratman's legal writing class, and Divvy Coffee & Buns.
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Ethan Underwood

Hometown: Etters, PA
Academic Interests: Corporate, Litigation, Property
Pitt Law Favorites: Pitt Law offers multiple networking experiences that allow students to interact with each other and professionals in highly desired fields, fostering helpful connections.
Fun Facts: Ethan graduated from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies and began attending Pitt Law one year early as part of a 3+3 accelerated program.

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Bennie Wiener

Hometown: Greensboro, North Carolina
Academic Interests: Intellectual Property Law, Family Law, LGBTQIA+ Advocacy
Pitt Law Favorites: Pittsburgh is a fantastic city. Take advantage of the places you can visit for free with your Pitt ID, like the Mattress Factory---an art museum, not a mattress store!
Fun Facts: Bennie is a very crafty person---sewing, costume design, embroidery, knitting, and crocheting! 

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