Professional Development

The Professional Development Office (PDO) assists students and graduates in pursuing careers in various settings, including private law firms, public interest organizations, government agencies, corporate and business environments, judicial clerkships, academia, and non-traditional careers.

Our Services

As a student or alumni, you can contact our office or visit PittLawWorks, our online career resource portal, to see what opportunities await you. The PDO provides students and graduates with the tools and resources they need for successful career development and advancement, including:

  • One-on-one career advising
  • Extensive and focused programming, panels, and workshops
  • Information and assistance for summer and post-graduate employment opportunities
  • Assistance in arranging interviews with prospective employers
  • Recruitment events and job fairs
  • On-campus interview programs
  • Comprehensive review of resumes, cover letters, and more
For Students

The PDO offers personalized and comprehensive support for students in their career development. The primary objective of the office is to facilitate connections between students and a diverse array of legal practices, as well as to provide practical learning opportunities and work experience. 

For Employers

The PDO is dedicated to facilitating connections between employers and our highly qualified students and alumni. Our law school equips individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the legal field. Employers have the opportunity to advertise internships and job openings, engage in Fall and Spring recruitment activities, host networking events, and more.

Employment Data

From private practice to public service and government positions, a wide range of employment opportunities await Pitt Law graduates. Each year, we report JD employment data to the American Bar Association (ABA) 10 months after each class graduates. 

Reciprocity Policy

The PDO provides reasonable access to resources for alumni and students of ABA-accredited law schools on the following terms and conditions in our reciprocity policy.

    Recruiting Policies

    The PDO has established policies and guidelines to protect the interests of students and employers when interviewing and recruiting on or off campus. We expect students and strongly encourage employers to abide by these principles and the Law School's and PDO office's policies outlined here.