For Students

The Professional Development Office organizes career-related programs in specialized legal practice areas, guides students in exploring potential career paths, and assists students and alumni in securing jobs that meet their goals.

On-Campus Recruiting 

The On-Campus Interview Programs (OCI) are recruiting programs that take place at the law school each spring and fall semester. They are designed to enhance employment opportunities for all Pitt Law students.

During this time, employers are welcome to visit the campus to conduct screening interviews with law students for summer and associate positions and internships. Spring OCI typically begins in early February and continues through mid-March. Fall OCI starts in early August and continues through September and the beginning of October.

Review the Recruiting Policies 

Career Sectors

At Pitt Law, our students are interested in all aspects of pursuing a career in the major practice sectors—private practice, government and public interest, judicial clerkships, and alternative and emerging careers.

Prior to beginning law school, law firms are one of the most common places students think about practicing law is in the private sector, in a law firm setting. From solo to mid-size and national/international law firms, practice can vary from litigation to transactional and civil and criminal law.  Depending on the geographic area, a small firm can consist of 2-10 attorneys and focus on a specific area of law while medium-sized firms may consist of a larger practice group and specialize in multiple legal fields. On the contrary, large firms provide a variety of services to a client base that generally consists of businesses and organizations, rather than individual clients.

Judicial clerkships are highly regarded employment opportunities. They offer an advantage in the legal job market by providing increased knowledge of the law and court system and valuable contacts and personal relationships developed during the experience. To learn more, contact Megan Lovett or Emi Estelle.

Pitt Law prioritizes public interest law and offers coursework, clinical experiences, and extracurricular programs to support students who want to work for non-profit and government employers. Students can gain practical experience through clinical programs and externships and participate in student organizations dedicated to public service. The Law School has a Pro Bono Recognition Program for students engaging in significant public service work. Contact Megan Lovett for more information.

Pitt Law students often take JD Advantage positions, leveraging their legal education without requiring bar admission. These roles exist in private and public sectors, as employers look for talent with foundational skills associated with a law degree. The PDO offers counseling in all aspects of non-traditional job search