Office of Equity & Inclusive Excellence

Pitt Law's Office of Equity and Inclusive Excellence's mission is threefold:

  • To identify and remove or accommodate structural barriers to students accessing opportunities available through the law school
  • To develop, discuss, and model the habits of inclusion that will support student and faculty efforts to bring about an inclusive campus community
  • To engage with external contacts to enrich students' regional and professional connections

The OEIE coordinates and monitors Pitt Law's efforts to institutionalize a culture of equity and inclusion within the law school community. We collaborate with administrative offices, faculty committees, student organizations, and alumni to create and implement strategies for fulfilling our vision for equity and inclusive excellence. This work ensures that Pitt Law maintains a learning and working environment where faculty, staff, and students can thrive.

Pitt Law Credo

  • Inclusion: We strive to create an environment where persons of differing backgrounds are welcomed, where different perspectives are respectfully voiced and heard, and where every individual is valued & included.
  • Civility: We treat people with unconditional respect and an assumption of good faith, giving meaningful consideration to the ideas, beliefs, and feelings of others as a matter of professionalism and self-discipline.
  • Intellectual Rigor: We challenge ourselves and others to examine facts and ideas meticulously and critically from diverse perspectives.
  • Justice: We strive to attain equal justice under the law and ensure justice benefits everyone.
Microaggression Reporting Tool
Microaggression Reporting Tool

An academic culture can be described as inclusive when learners feel welcome and supported. If you have experienced a microaggression from a member of the Pitt Law Community or while attending a class or event through Pitt Law, document the interaction through the OEIE Microaggression Tracking Tool.

Faculty Repudiates Racism
Faculty Repudiates Racism

Pitt Law affirms its commitment to recognizing, addressing, and eradicating all forms of racism and ethnic oppression. View the Faculty Repudiates Racism statement here.