The University of Pittsburgh School of Law’s Barco Law Building is in Oakland, Pittsburgh's educational, medical, and cultural center. It is a modern, five-story space designed to accommodate the many activities that contribute to the development of responsible attorneys and administrative offices.

Barco Law Library

The Barco Law Library serves as a laboratory for students' and faculty's work. A permanent endowment ensures excellence in law library services. It enables the law school to fully respond to its teaching and research missions and provide a continuing learning resource for law practitioners.

The Barco Law Library's location on floors three, four, and five provides the desired remoteness from the main flow of student and visitor traffic, creating an environment conducive to individual study. Faculty offices line the library's perimeter, encouraging interaction between students and faculty.

Teplitz Memorial Moot Courtroom

The Teplitz Memorial Moot Courtroom, named for the late Benjamin H. Teplitz, includes a seven-seat judges' bench, jury and press boxes, counselors' tables, judges' chambers, and jury room. It is used primarily by trial tactics classes and moot court programs. It is equipped to handle special Commonwealth and Federal Appellate Courts sessions and hearings before various administrative tribunals.

A focus of visual interest is the giant mosaic mounted on the wall behind the judges' bench. Designed and created by the University's Virgil Cantini, the mosaic is a dramatic compound of 126 porcelain-on-steel pieces. It represents the artist's conception of the harmony of the law and the rich tapestry of the American legal system. The moot courtroom, with its oak-paneled appointments and its spaciousness and simplicity of design, evokes in the spectator a respect for the court's dignity.

Gender Diversity and Inclusivity

The University of Pittsburgh School of Law is committed to promoting diversity, inclusivity, and equity. We welcome everyone to our campus, and our Barco Law Building is designed to provide a safe and inclusive environment.

We are pleased to offer various amenities, including gender-neutral restrooms, a mother's room, and a multi-purpose room. The mother's room is in Room 116A. Gender-neutral restrooms are in Room G50 and Room G51 behind the SideBar Cafe, through the student lounge. The multi-purpose room is available in G07 near stairwell B and down the hall from the Courtroom.

Ground Floor Student Lounge

The Barco Law Building's ground floor is the hub of student activity. The student lounge offers a relaxing environment for students seeking a break from their studies. The SideBar Café and vending machine area provide refreshments. On the north wall, you can find three student activity rooms designed for more formal gatherings. On the opposite side of the lounge, there are student lockers. Additionally, several student organizations have their offices located on the ground floor.